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Summer fun usually includes exercise and other rigorous activity that can result in injuries. So what do you do when you twist your ankle hiking, debilitate yourself

old. At seventeen he was an avid snowboarder. One day, while snowboarding in Tahoe, he cut short on an 80 foot road gap and hit a snow bank on the opposite side of the road. He fell from the top of the fifteen foot high snow bank onto the road. He fractured C1, C2, and C4 in his neck. He also broke his pelvis, tore two inches of muscle off of his right rotator cuff, and experienced a severe concussion with a brain hemorrhage.

James was airlifted to a nearby hospital where he was treated then quickly transferred to a hospital here in Roseville. When describing his homecoming two days later he said, “I was exhausted, sore, and depressed. I felt like crying because I could not move and would not be able to do any of my normal activities for months. Physically I hurt all over.”

James was brought in for acupuncture just two days after his accident. In addition to his major injuries he was also suffering from knee, rib and wrist pain. James came in twice a week for a few weeks than decreased his treatment frequency to once a week. Young, athletic and devoted to his acupuncture treatments he improved quickly. “I was told I would be able to move my neck freely after about three months. With acupuncture I was able todo this in five weeks!” Just a few months after his accident, James was able to enjoy normal non-contact activities such as competitive swimming, skim-boarding, and volleyball. Other than his initial pain and soreness James reports that he didn’t experience any extreme pain or discomfort. He didn’t use any pain medication. He explained that “The treatments gave me more mobility, more energy, and more confidence in my recovery. It drastically increased my body’s                                                              More>>

with muscle soreness on your first bike ride of the season, or even fracture a wrist playing tennis? Of course, Western Medicine does serious injuries very well: Broken bones are set, deep cuts are sewn together, and internal bleeding is stopped quickly and efficiently. However, it is good to remember that pain and inflammation from sprained ankles, secondary infections, even damaged nerves, all respond remarkably well to Acupuncture.

For most common injuries, ice the area for short periods of time for the first 24 hours, particularly if there is any swelling or inflammation. But please don’t leave ice on a swollen or injured area for more than twenty minutes at a time. If you over ice an area it can cause blood in the area to congeal and congest. You want blood circulating through the injured area so that the white blood cells can help break down bacteria, fungi, viruses, and toxic proteins that may result from allergic reactions or injury.

Then, get in for acupuncture as soon as you can. The treatment will help reduce pain and inflammation while allowing your body to heal as fully and efficiently as possible. Noriko Nagato L.Ac, explains that “In Asian Medicine injuries are considered to be meridian related. This means that injuries don’t affect the organs right away, they just disrupt the flow of energy in the meridian pathway. If we take care of it correctly it won’t become a chronic problem.”

Acupuncture can also be used in conjunction with Western medicine for the treatment of serious injuries and to help speed recovery from surgery. It helps reduce inflammation and the need for pain medications. One of our patientsis a particularly good example of this. James,had been a regular patient since he was seven years


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Simone has extensive training and experience working with people who suffer with chronic illness, pain or limited mobility to help them better manage their unpredictable wellness. She is also available on Friday afternoons for private yoga therapy sessions. Please contact her directly to register for classes or for appointment availability.

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Join Noriko Nagato L.Ac. for an informative talk. Every 6 to 8 weeks she teaches patients about Asian Medicine and how it works. This class is appropriate for both established patients and new patients. There is a demonstration at the end of class. Call 786-0695 to register or drop us an e-mail to let us know you’d like to attend.

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