Living with Cancer cont.

Jane relates that her weekly acupuncture treatments have helped her in many ways. She doesn’t have troubles with nausea, her blood cell counts are almost always good, her immune system has been strengthened and acupuncture continues to help with her surgically induced diabetes from the Whipple procedure.

“Acupuncture is part of my lifeline.” she relates when discussing her treatments. “It is even more than the treatments. The whole atmosphere of the place is so pleasant and encouraging. Noriko and Anna are always so thoughtful.” As various side effects from her chemotherapy have come up Jane has found that acupuncture has helped more than she would have thought possible. Digestive tract irregularities, headaches, vision disturbances, anxiety and sleeping problems have all been  improved or eliminated with acupuncture treatment.

Like Jane, an increasing number of people have found acupuncture to be an important part of their cancer treatment regimen, keeping them stronger, feeling better and less susceptible to the side effects of their treatment. Ï