Acupuncture and Injuries cont.

ability to heal itself, relaxed me, and gave me the rest and relaxation I needed to recover.”

Everybody responds a little differently to injury. Part of what determines how quickly a person heals is the underlying condition that led to the injury in the first place. In some instances, James is a good example, the injury is just an accident—there isn’t an underlying weakness. For many people, however, there is an underlying problem that causes a weakness. It could be lifestyle, diet, repetitive tasks, or lack of exercise. Sometimes, once something is injured it may not heal completely and consequently that area is prone to injury. Another factor is how long one has the injury before coming in for treatment. Coming in within a few days is ideal.

Treat your body with care and respect. Warm up, don’t ignore pain signals, and seek acupuncture care as necessary. James would also like to remind people to wear a helmet. It is a critical piece of safety equipment that has a history of being ignored.