Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

With Masakazu Ikeda


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Masakazu Ikeda

Mr. Ikeda has been practicing, studying and teaching traditional oriental medicine for over 45 years  More >>

"I love the elegant blend of personal stories, wisdom, and self insight with deep knowledge of acupuncture and moxibustion."


“Great sense of humor and very practical. Thank you!”

-San Diego, California

“Sensei's knowledge, honesty, good humor, enthusiasm, and passion made this course amazing."


Power of the Classics

The popular “Power of the Classics” seminar series will end with a focus on Lung Deficiency. The first day will be spent reviewing the foundation of Traditional Japanese Medicine. It is important to learn the basics deeply to build a stronger, deeper foundation on which to build your more advanced knowledge and experience.

Mr. Ikeda’s deep understanding of the Classics enables him to teach principles of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture including yin - yang theory, five element theory, symptomology and pathology of meridians, pulse, and abdominal examination with depth and clarity.

Learn the signs and symptoms as well as the diagnostic methods used to determine

treatment methods for different types of Lung Deficiency Syndrome. In order to understand Lung Deficiency Syndrome it is also important to understand Acute Spleen Deficiency Syndrome. Because of this, Mr. Ikeda will discuss both syndromes and how they relate to one another. The practical sessions demonstrate Mr. Ikeda’s graceful, yet powerful, needling technique as well as his classical approach to treatment.

Come see the depth and breadth of knowledge being taught with deep appreciation and understanding of classical acupuncture texts. These important theories and techniques will leave both beginning students and experienced practitioners with skills that can be put to use.

Ikeda sensei will return to the United States to teach in 2017.

Please check back periodically for updates.  


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